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What are the magical uses of tin foil?

What are the magical uses of tin foil, aluminum foil lunch boxes and aluminum foil manufacturers?

Tin foil baking pad function

When baking ingredients in the oven at home, steaks, chicken wings and other foods tend to have broth when they are baked. At this time, you can put a layer of tin foil on the baking tray, so that the soup will flow out. On the tin foil, it will not penetrate into the plate, and it will also facilitate the cleaning of the plate.

Generally, tin foil is used to touch the food with the matte side, and the photosensitive surface is facing outwards, so that the food can be evenly heated to avoid scorching. Tin foil should be wrapped around the edge of the baking tray when you are baking the baking tray.

Tin foil wrapped food

The two-sidedness of tin foil and its good heat absorption make it a good thing to wrap food for cooking. It is often used in Western food, such as baked potatoes, grilled pork ribs, roasted turkey, etc., foods that are not easy to be cooked are wrapped in tin foil. Put it into the oven, the photosensitive surface of the tin foil can absorb the heat in the oven, evenly distributed on the appearance of the food, shortening the cooking time.

Tin foil insulation food

Tin foil is divided into a photosensitive surface and a matt surface, the photosensitive surface has an outstanding heat absorption function, and the matte surface has an outstanding heat preservation effect. If you can't arrive in time after you have finished cooking at home, you can wrap the plate with tin foil, which can be a good way to keep food warm.

Tin foil scissors

After the tin foil is folded five to six times to a certain thickness, then the folded tin foil is cut with scissors, and the scissors are easily polished in the process of cutting the tin foil. The tin foil used together can be wiped into a pool that is difficult to wash in the kitchen. The price of tin foil is not cheap, so don't waste it.

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